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Company History

A-Action Bail Bonds, LLC was founded in 1997 to serve Gwinnett County. In 2001, A-Action Bail Bonds opened its second location in DeKalb County. Over the course of 20+ years, the company has continued to grow and expand. In conjunction, Hand Bail Bonds was opened in 2008 and serves the Gordon County area

A-Action’s sister company, 24/7 Express Ankle Monitoring, was founded in 2008 as a response to an identified need for a cutting-edge approach to documenting and systematically tracking bonded defendants. Formed to work in conjunction with and independently from A-Action Bail Bond, 24/7 Express utilizes sophisticated GPS monitoring equipment and enhanced technologies to ensure that the most accurate information is available at all times.

A-Action Bail Bonds now employs over 20 full, part-time and contract staff. The dedicated staff is comprised of several retired and former police officers along with many long-term professional employees. We are here to serve, answer questions, and ensure a smooth bonding process.

A-Action Bail Bonds provides a valuable service supporting enhanced efficiencies in the judicial process. In this spirit of service, A-Action invests in multiple charitable organizations both locally and on a national level. The initiatives include but are not limited to the arts, education, healthcare and children’s athletic programs.


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We would love the opportunity to be of service. Your business is important to us. We are serving you in Georgia and throughout the United States. Local county offices located in DeKalb, Gordan, and Gwinnet.