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Helpful Bail Bond Information

Every county is different and is regulated by the individual sheriff’s departments.

General Guideline

  • Once a bond is set, the fee for our services can range anywhere between 10% – 15% of the total bond amount depending on the circumstances.
  • Our agent will ask a series of questions to determine the rate to be paid and the documents required in order to complete the bond.
  • Depending on the county, you will either be required to come to our office or meet our agent at the jail to complete the bond process.
  • Paperwork will need to be completed by the defendant. Depending on the county, upon being released, the defendant will either complete the required paperwork with our agent at the jail or immediately return to our office.
  • At times, the bonding process can be very time consuming, but please be assured that we are working our hardest towards a smooth and quick release for both the defendant and co-signer.
  • If a security deposit is required, the deposit is fully refundable once the case has been settled and the case disposition has been brought to our office by either the defendant or co-signer. The bond fee (10%-15%) along with the jail fee are not refundable.

Things to consider
before co-signing
a bail bond:

  1. Do not co-sign for someone you do not know
  2. As a co-signer you will be responsible for the full amount of the bond if the defendant fails to
    appear in court.
  3. Do not co-sign for the defendant’s bond unless you feel the defendant will voluntarily attend all court appearances.
  4. As a co-signer you are not responsible for the defendant’s fines.

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